What is the focus of Chapter 5 of the California Dental Practice Act?

What is the focus of Chapter 5 of the California Dental Practice Act?

Posted by Dental Didactics CE on May 21st 2022

Chapter 5 of the California Dental Practice Act reflects one of the California Dental Board's prime responsibilities: patient protection. The State of California has tasked the Dental Board with licensing dental professionals who are both competent and ethical to protect the integrity of the profession and prevent harm to patients. Chapter 5 of the California Dental Practice Act covers the legal standards of examination, diagnosis, and treatment to assure the public that they are receiving competent care. It includes references to the "standard of care", the importance of taking health histories and informed consent prior to any treatment. It also addresses a wide range of issues related to delivering emergency care, patient rights, communicating with patients and confidentiality of records.

The needs of patients requiring language translation (including sign language), and support dogs is taken into consideration, as well as patient HIV status, and obligations of dental professionals to report signs of abuse or neglect. Protecting patient rights and access to services is addressed when a dental practice is closing or a patient is being dismissed from a practice. Chapter 5 also deals with patient protection in the case of insufficient diagnostic tests and x-rays being obtained; the dentist's responsibility in performing to the "standard of care" is emphasized throughout this section of the Practice Act.

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