Are your dental continuing education courses approved for dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants?

Yes, our dental continuing education courses are approved for dental license renewal for all dental professionals; dentists (DDS, DMD), dental hygienists (RDH), and dental assistants (RDA).


Who accredits your dental CE courses?

Dental Didactics CE is an approved Academy of General Dentistry National PACE Dental Continuing Education Provider (Provider #217643). All United States Dental Boards accept AGD-PACE courses for dental license renewal credit. 


Dental Didactics is also a Registered Dental Continuing Education Provider for the California Dental Board (Provider# RP3768)


Can I obtain all of my dental continuing education credits through Dental Didactics?

The majority of state dental boards allow only 1/2 of your dental continuing education CE credits to be obtained through remote home-study (self-instructional distance learning) courses. Please check with your state dental board to determine how many dental continuing education CE credits your state allows through online distant learning.


Are Dental Didactics online dental CE courses considered "live" or "interactive"?

No. Our courses are considered as "home-study", "self-instructional", or "distance learning" formats. They do not qualify as "live" dental continuing education CE hours.


How are your dental CE courses delivered?

Following dental CE course selection and a secure credit card transaction, you will be presented with a download link to immediately download the dental CE courses as PDF files directly to your home or office computer. If there is any difficulty with download, just use the form on the "Contact Us" page to request your CE courses and we will forward them to you promptly via email.



Is there a time limit for completing the dental CE courses?

No. There is no deadline for dental continuing education CE course completion. You can take your time to absorb the material, but we do recommend that you submit your tests for credit within 1 year of purchase.


What if I don't pass the CE post-test on my first attempt?

Although the overwhelming majority of our clients pass the multiple choice post-tests on their initial attempt, you are allowed unlimited attempts to pass the test with a 70% score, with no additional fee for repeated CE test submissions.


Can I receive a full refund if I am not satisfied with a course?

Absolutely. There is no risk involved in ordering Dental Didactics CE courses. An immediate full refund will be issued for any course upon request. Just request a refund through the "Contact Us" page and a painless, no-questions-asked full refund will be issued.


Can I receive credit for your courses if my dental license is issued outside of the United States?

Yes. The dental boards and licensing agencies of the majority of countries accept AGD-PACE approved courses for license renewal credit.


Is my personal and professional information secure?

Absolutely. Dental Didactics collects and retains only that information necessary to provide you with dental continuing education completion certificates and meet the license renewal requirements of state dental boards and national licensing agencies. Dental Didactics will never share your personal and professional information with any outside entity. We will only release your name, license number, and a transcript of CE dental courses completed (with your permission) in case of a CE credit audit by your state dental board or licensing agency to verify your CE records. In that case we will release a transcript of your completed CE hours to your state board or licensing agency after we receive your approval.


Conflict of Interest Disclosure/Liability Disclaimer Notice:


Dental Didactics provides these dental continuing education courses for the purpose of license renewal and post-graduate dental education. They are provided to update dental professionals on current research and treatment protocols in general. They are not intended to encourage dental professionals to manage clinical conditions that fall outside the scope of the practice of dentistry. Likewise, they are not intended to encourage general dentists to treat dental conditions that should be referred to a dental specialist. These courses are not intended to address the specific needs of any particular patient or individual. Dental Didactics assumes no responsibility, and cannot be held liable, for the clinical diagnosis or treatment of any individual patient. Clinicians are encouraged to pursue specific clinical training from accredited providers before incorporating any treatment regimens into their practices.

Funding for this site comes exclusively from course sales revenue. Dental Didactics is not affiliated with, nor does it receive any funds from, any commercial interests. Any referral to a specific commercial product or technology is coincidental and does not imply a product endorsement. Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy and timeliness of the information included in these courses at the time of publication. Dental Didactics is not liable for the employment of any specific product or technology mentioned in these courses in actual clinical practice.