The Value of Dental Continuing Education: Talking While You Treat

The Value of Dental Continuing Education: Talking While You Treat

Posted by Dental Didactics CE on May 15th 2022

Besides the obvious benefit of dental continuing education updating dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants with the latest information regarding treatment options and procedures, dental CE provides many additional less-recognized benefits. Dental professionals are often so absorbed in providing treatment, keeping on schedule, and meeting daily practice demands, they forget that patients are appointing to the office for a complete treatment experience, which includes education. Patients are incredibly appreciative of dental professionals who not only keep abreast of the latest technologies and techniques, but are anxious to share their knowledge with those they treat. Dental continuing education provides a foundation for trust with patients; a basis for mutual understanding and respect. Patients want to be informed that the techniques being employed are state-of-the-art and that their practitioners are up-to-date on the research and development advances in dentistry. Rather than sit quietly in the chair while a new crown is cemented, it is a wonderful opportunity for the dentist to inform the patient about the latest ceramic materials and cements being employed to idealize their treatment. Patients love to hear that the "old school" materials used previously have been replaced with better materials that are more esthetic, durable, and biocompatible. Dental CE provides us with the information to "wow" our patients with our desire to progress and provide them with the finest care possible. Talking while you treat provides a great opportunity for bonding with your patient and expressing your enthusiasm for practicing ideal dentistry on their behalf. Patients are very grateful for practitioners who spend the time keeping up-to-date and passing the benefits along to them. 2 CE courses that are directly related to this opportunity are: Ceramic Crowns  Bioactive Cements Other advances that patients are very interested in learning about include: Dental Hard Tissue Lasers  Septocaine Anesthetic  Nonsurgical Perio Treatments  OraVerse Anesthesia Reversal

Besides the benefits to the doctor/patient relationship, dental continuing education affords the dentist, dental hygienist or dental assistant access to enhanced job satisfaction. There is a great professional and emotional benefit to remaining current with the latest advances in your profession, employing them in practice, and expressing your enthusiasm vocally. Patients love being treated by healthcare providers who are enthused about their work, rather than those who constantly complain about insurance hassles or Covid-19 infection control requirements. If dental CE is properly performing its function, it is reinvigorating dental professionals both educationally and emotionally. Dental CE can refocus and redirect us to what is uplifting and progressive in our profession and prevent burnout.

Keeping up with appropriate and relevant dental continuing education subjects is also a great defense against professional liability vulnerability. If a dentist or dental hygienist is practicing with antiquated equipment, techniques, or products they can be held liable for practicing "below the standard of care" for their profession. Without current dental CE information practitioners are handcuffed when offering patients access to the breadth of potential dental diagnostic modalities, materials, treatments and techniques. Practitioners who are not updated and aware of the numerous new options available for dental restoration, orthodontia, implants, endodontics, periodontics, dental surgery, and computer-assisted treatment planning can be held responsible for inadequate or incomplete diagnosis and treatment planning. Engaging in dental CE is a great way to remain current, avoid liability, and provide patient's with the best options now available for treatment. 

Aside from improved patient relations, enhanced clinical performance, and greater personal satisfaction, taking dental continuing education courses (including receiving post-doc certifications from dental associations and academies) beyond what is strictly mandatory, is lauded by practice marketing experts as ideal internal marketing and practice promotion. What patient wouldn't rather appoint with an office where the clinician is recognized for their additional certifications and educational accomplishments. The accumulation of additional CE hours across a variety of specialty subjects is something that should be recognized and broadcast to reassure patients that they are receiving the finest care. Few things make greater impact than lifelong learning and professional improvement, and dental continuing education lies at the heart of a long, satisfying, and successful clinical dental career.

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