Texas Dental License Renewal CE Requirements

Texas Dental License Renewal CE Requirements

Posted by Dental Didactics CE on Jul 23rd 2022

Texas Dental License CE Renewal Requirements

The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners requires the following for dentists to renew their licenses every biennial renewal period:

  • 24 hours of CE every 2 years
  • 16 hours of coursework must be either "technical or scientific" and contain significant intellectual or practical content designed to directly enhance the practitioner's knowledge and skill providing clinical care to the individual patient
  • Up to 8 hours of CE may be in "risk management, record-keeping, and ethics"
  • Up to 8 hours may be self-study from an AGD-PACE Approved Provider
  • Coursework in practice finance may not be considered in the 24 hour requirement
  • Each licensee must complete the jurisprudence assessment every 4 years, this cannot be considered part of the 24 hour requirement
  • A course in Human Trafficking Prevention must be completed as part of the 24 hour requirement
  • A 4 hour course regarding safe pain management related to opioid prescribing during each renewal period
  • Extra CE hours (not to exceed 24) earned live in a classroom setting may be carried forward if taken within the one year immediately preceding the renewal period
  • For any dentist who the DEA allows to prescribe controlled substances, they must complete 2 hours of CE related to prescribing and monitoring controlled substances by the first anniversary of obtaining their DEA permit. That 2 hour course is only required to be taken once.

Texas Dental Hygiene License CE Renewal Requirement

Texas Dental Hygiene license CE renewal requirements mirror the requirements for dentists with the following exception:

  • A dental hygienist must complete no less than 12 hours of live in-person CE in laser utilization specific to the procedures to be performed by the hygienist using the laser. 3 hours of this CE must include clinical simulation laser training