Maryland Dental License Renewal

Maryland Dental License Renewal

Posted by Dental Didactics CE on Aug 22nd 2022

Maryland Dental License Renewal Requirements

Dentists and dental hygienists licensed in Maryland must satisfy biennial renewal requirements for continuing education. Dentists holding general anesthesia and sedation permits and drug dispensing permits have additional CE requirements. A dentist or dental hygienist in Maryland must complete at least 30 hours of approved continuing education each two years.

30 hours of CE every 2 years must include:

2 hours of Dental Infection Control

2 hours (for dentists only) of Prescribing and Disposal of Prescription Drugs

An approved cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification (does not count towards the 30 hours)

2 hours of Abuse and Neglect (every other renewal period= once every 4 years)

Up to 17 hours of CE credit may be online internet self-instructional courses

A licensee may earn up to 8 hours of CE credit providing pro-bono dental services at Board-approved sites

CE That Doesn't Qualify for License Renewal

With the exception of the required course on Abuse and Neglect, and the pro-bono hours earned, the ruke for CE acceptance is that all CE courses must "be designed to enhance the licensee's clinical knowledge and ability to treat dental patients." Courses and programs that will not be accepted for CE credit towards license renewal include:

  •  money management
  • personal finance
  • personal health
  • recreation
  • politics
  • memory training
  • speed reading, etc...