Local Anesthesia CE Courses for Dental Hygienists

Local Anesthesia CE Courses for Dental Hygienists

Posted by Dental Didactics CE on Aug 22nd 2022

Dental Hygienists Deliver Local Anesthetics

One of the fundamental duties of a registered dental hygienist is to deliver comfortable care to their patients. A basic skill involved in this is the administration of dental local anesthetics. Hygienists daily confront the challenge of providing definitive periodontal care that can be well tolerated by patients. 

Dental Continuing Education is vital to performance

Delivering comfortable periodontal care requires dental hygienists to be familiar with the latest developments in local anesthetic technology and pharmacology. One of the major game changers in dental local anesthetic pharmacology is the emergence of Septocaine (Articaine HCl) as a mainstream pharmaceutical for establishing profound mandibular anesthesia. Dental hygienists can update their CE hours by taking an online course on Septocaine Local Anesthetic