Dental Periodontal Disease Connected to Cardiovascular Heart Disease

Dental Periodontal Disease Connected to Cardiovascular Heart Disease

Posted by Dental Didactics CE on Sep 22nd 2022

Is Dental Periodontal Disease Related To Cardiovascular Heart Disease?

Decades ago if a patient presented with a history of cardiovascular disease and also exhibited dental periodontal disease (dental bone loss, tooth loss, periodontal pockets) it was assumed that the patient was just in poor overall health which was reflected in both their dental health and heart health. However, recent research has discovered specific oral bacteria associated with periodontal disease imbedded in cardiovascular vessels and implicates periodontitis in the disease process.

Oral Periodontal Pathogenic Bacteria and Systemic Disease:

Using genetic sequencing technology and advanced microbiologic techniques, research scientists have discovered links between oral bacteria associated with periodontal disease and systemic pathologies including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, and low birth weight births. Statistical evidence implicates periodontal disease and an overload of pathogenic oral bacteria with several systemic maladies. Poor oral hygiene and untreated periodontal disease can have serious general health consequences. It is imperative for good general health to recognize your that your dental health is important to maintain. 

Dental professionals are well informed regarding the systemic consequences of poor oral health and encourage all patients to maintain excellent oral hygiene and receive routine periodontal cleanings. Specific information regarding Periodontitis and Cardiovascular Disease can be found in our CE course.