Best Dental CE Courses for New Dentists

Best Dental CE Courses for New Dentists

Posted by Dental Didactics CE: Dental Board of California Registered CE Provider #RP3768, Academy of General Dentistry National PACE Provider #217643 on Nov 3rd 2022

Continuing Education for New Dentist

Completing dental school and receiving your DDS or DMD degree may seem like the end to a long exacting road of challenging education accomplishments. But as we all recognize in the health care profession, that is just the beginning of a life-long commitment to learning. The techniques of past, considered with 20/20 hindsight, are often regarded as archaic within a decade or less. With the acceleration of scientific discovery and applied knowledge, new dental graduates face a formidable task of staying abreast of the latest advances and clinical techniques. They need to carefully choose the continuing education courses that will best keep them abreast of advances in the profession and allow the to communicate that information to patients.

What are the "Best" CE courses to take?

The answer to that question depends on the type of practice in which a new dentist practices. Some may want to focus on strictly restorative techniques, while others may pursue improved skills in endodontics or periodontics. If a new general dentist desires to keep a number of procedures "in house" rather than refer out patients to specialists, they will need to continually study advances in those aspects of dentistry. Still others may desire to enhance their knowledge of dental science and the latest topics in peer-reviewed literature to enhance their position as an educator of patients. The "best" CE courses for each type of practice will be determined by their utility and ability to be incorporated into the daily routine of a particular dental office.

As new dentists determine what course their careers will take they should have available to them a wide variety of Dental CE courses related to the specific topics which will enhance their practices.