California Dentists Must Provide Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Training

Posted by Dental Didactics CE: Dental Board of California Registered CE Provider #RP3768, Academy of General Dentistry National PACE Provider #217643 on Oct 8th 2022

California Mandates Sexual Harassment Training

Recent legislation by the State of California mandates employers with 5 or more employees to provide sexual harassment and abusive conduct training. The mandate includes both supervisory and nonsupervisory employees. Nonsupervisory employees must complete one hour of training every two years, and supervisory employees must complete 2 hours of training. The training must provide real-life examples of harassment and abusive conduct related to expression of gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Dentists Must Comply With Training Mandates

Dentists who employ 5 or more employees now have to comply with the newly enacted legislation. The training must be "effective interactive training" and cannot just be a text based course of instruction. The instruction must be presented a a live lecture,, live online broadcast, or other interactive training modality. Although unpaid interns, volunteers and independent contractors are not required to be trained, they do count as employees in meeting the threshold of 5 employees. Employers are not required to provide training for employees who work fewer than 30 days or 100 hours. If a dentist has a temporary employee, the temporary services employer who provided the worker must provide the sexual harassment training. 

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