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Latest Advances in Dentistry Vol. 4 CE Course
Latest Advances in Dentistry Vol. 4 CE Course
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Course is currently under revision and is not orderable. Course will be orderable again shortly. Abstract-type reviews of current research findings of interest to dental professionals. Familiarizes the practitioner with new research and clinical findings that will affect the practice of dentistry now and in the future. This volume addresses the following topics: Evidence regarding periodontitis as a modifiable risk factor in cardiovascular disease. Methodology, research and clinical protocols regarding laser fluorescent caries detection. Potential for herbal and homeopathic remedies to affect bleeding times; specific case study of dong quai. New subgingival antibiotic system for treatment of periodontitis. New treatment for bulimia nervosa utilizing a prescription phamaceutical. Research regarding the feasibility of delivering antibiotics via bone grafts. Newly patented local anesthetic formulation with enhanced anesthetic capabilities.