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Latest Advances in Dentistry Vol. 3 CE Course
Latest Advances in Dentistry Vol. 3 CE Course
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Course is currently under revision and is not orderable. It will be orderable again in the near future. Abstract-type reviews of recent research findings of interest to dental professionals. Familiarizes the practitioner with recent findings that will affect the practice of dentistry now and in the future. This volume includes abstracts related to: New genetic evidence regarding the higher incidence of lung cancer in female smokers. Recently identified antibiotic-resistant microorganisms and inferences for head and neck infections. Metallic restorations causing distortions of medical imaging scans of the head and neck. New usages for prescription medications in treating oral pathologies. Current associations of between periodontal pathogens and increased risk of stroke. Glucose ingestion and pathologic free radical production. New topical polymeric acetyl-salicylic acid for woumd healing.