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FAQ's Dental CE
Are your courses accredited for dentists, hygienists and assistants?

Yes. All of our courses are approved for relicensure for all members of the dental team. They are appropriate for dentists, hygienists and assistants.

Who accredits your courses?

We are approved by The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) PACE as a National Provider as well as the California Dental Board as a Licensed CE Provider #3768.

Which states accept your courses for relicensure credit?

Acceptance and Accreditation in all 50 states by The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) PACE as a National Provider! Dental Didactics courses are also accepted by The California Dental Board for licensees of California.

Can I obtain all of my continuing education credits through Dental Didactics?

Not in all states. For example, California will allow no more than half of your CE credits to be obtained through home-study. Please refer to the requirements in your state.

Are your courses considered "live" or "interactive" since they are taken over the internet?

No. Even though our courses are delivered via the internet and testing is done via the web; for purposes of CE relicensure credit, our courses are classified as self-instructional or homestudy.

How are the courses delivered after purchase?

After a secure credit card transaction, you will be able to immediately download the courses yourself directly to your home or office computer. Just click on the red "Download Now" button next to the course name on your order summary. We recommend that you save each course to your hard drive and subsequently print it out in hard copy.

What if I have a problems with download? Is the course lost?

We are always happy to forward your courses by email if you have any problem with download. We guarantee that you will always receive your courses. Just email us at and we will forward your courses by email.

How are the courses formatted?

The courses are standard text and graphic files in Adobe PDF format; the most popular and universally utilized format for internet file sharing. It requires the free of charge Adobe Reader program that is available for immediate free download from

Will I be able to view these files on my computer?

Yes. The Adobe format allows users on all computer platforms (PC, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux, etc.) to ultilize our courses

Are the courses available in any other format?

Yes. The courses are also available in Microsoft WORD format. Just email us a request and we will immediately forward your courses in WORD format if that is more convenient for you.

Is there a time limit for completing the courses?

No. There is no deadline for course completion. We recommend that you submit your tests within a year of purchase.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with a course?

Absolutely. There is no risk involved in taking our courses. An immediate refund is given for any course upon request. Just email us a request to obtain a painless, no-questions-asked refund at

If I live outside of the United States can I still take your courses?

Yes. We have many international clients. The dental licensing boards of numerous countries accept our courses as we are an approved California Dental Board provider.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. All transactions are processed by Yahoo! secure servers utilizing state-of-the-art encryption technology. Dental Didactics does not retain a record of your credit card number. Yahoo! automatically erases your credit card numbers from our database.

Is my personal and professional information secure?

Yes. Dental Didactics collects and retains only that information necessary to provide you with CE completion certificates. The information we collect is the minimum necessary to maintain the standards required by State Dental Boards: Licensee name, Type of license, License number, dates of course completions, email address for contact purposes. Dental Didactics will never sell, share or transmit any of your personal information to any other company, individual or entity. The only exception is that, with your written permission, we will release a copy of your completed CE credits to your State Dental Board in the event of an audit of your license.

Are there any Tax or Shipping charges on my order?

No. There are no additional charges associated with your purchase.